Based on their long and varied experience in new builds, conversions and repairs, Knaack & Jahn Schiffbau GmbH, located in Hamburg and with basis in Bremen and Kiel, is a reliable and recognized partner with maritime customers, such as shipyards, shipping companies and suppliers, etc., at home and abroad.

A well established team of specialists designs, implements and repairs complex systems, such as complete thermal oil systems, exhaust gas systems and engine rooms, can relocate the piping of entire decks and/or fire zones and can also replace complete freshwater systems professionally and on time.

Where firefighting technology is concerned, our standard program includes all the recognized sprinkler systems such as standard, water mist, drencher, property and total protection systems as well as Novec1230 and CO2 systems.

We would also like to show you our recommended suggestions in the areas of refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation and heating.

Repairs, Conversions, New Builds
+49 40 781 293
Repairs, Conversions, Services, Sales
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New Builds, Conversions, Repairs, Sales
+49 40 781 293